In the Early Stages of Development

We are a collective of healing practitioners and supporters committed to principles of justice in the structure of systems, organization and practice of personal, community and environmental health. The concept of Whole Note Healing space was born in the mind of one of our members several years ago. It evolved as the 2010 U.S. Social Forum (Detroit, MI) brought together others concerned about health and well-being from the orientation of doing right by people and the environment.

We are in the early stages of our formation. This blog will serve as a space for us to document the process of our development, as well as share resources and information. To date, we have defined our vision and are in the process of finalizing our mission. Over the coming months we will work on evolving the structure of our collective and identifying organizing principles, while offering basic programming.

The vision of the Whole Note Healing Collective is to support the creation of a just world in which the healing of people, communities and the environment is valued and practiced.

Whole Note Healing Collective is a member of The Commons, a cooperative space shared with the East Michigan Environmental Action Council, People’s Kitchen Detroit, Fender Bender, and Detroit Grassroots Cultural Arts Center.